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Is it possible to have an ability with no effect? If so, did you ever try Morph with the turning face up as a part of the cost? For example, Monastery Flock would be "U, turn ~ face up: [nothing]", and Mistfire Weaver would be "2U, turn ~face up: Target creature you control gains hexproof until end of turn". This would be a slight functional change, but would also remove a lot of the confusion from having to explain that morph doesn't use the stack but the triggered abilities do.

What you’re describing is an activated ability of the creature, but face-down creatures don’t have any abilities, so this would be impossible. I never thought there was significant confusion over how “turns face up” triggered abilities work, unless you just don’t understand triggered abilities.

I cast Force Away on my own creature, it is the only creature I control with power 4 or greater. Do I loot?


Can I pay Quiet Contemplation's ability more than once per noncreature spell? And potentially tap 2 or more things?

Nope, just once per spell.

Roar of Challenge realce notes state: " If there are multiple combat phases, ... " "..." = only works on one combat. Shouldn't the card say: "All creatures able to block target creature during the next combat do so."? Love your attitude.

No, because that’s a pretty confusing template if you cast it post-combat. Too much of a memory issue. No reason not to just use the standard template there.

Dragon Grip led with Ferocious.

I said we didn’t like to, not we never did. Dragon Grip is an Aura, and its ferocious ability affects casting the spell. There’s strong evidence to suggest you’ll keep reading.

In the example accompanying rule 704.4, the word "example" is duplicated.

It’s an example of an example. A meta-example. I’ll jot it down for next time. Thanks.

I recently purchased the Hydra challenge deck and convinced my wife to try it out with me. She hasn't cared much for playing Magic because it's adversarial and she feels my experience gives me an overwhelming advantage. However, she loved playing against the Hydra deck. She liked that it was cooperative-play, that she could freely ask me questions, & that my experience was to her advantage. I hope you guys consider making more cooperative-play supplemental products.

We definitely recognize the value of PVE play. She’s right in that Magic is adversarial and the experienced will have advantages. She might enjoy Duels in the same vein. I know there are definitely games (mostly MOBAs) where I’d be happier just playing against the AI.

I noticed the new template using "before" on Savage Punch. Any particular reason for this rather than putting the Ferocious ability first? Just clarity?

We don’t like leading with conditional ability words. Too easy to see “ferocious,” realize you don’t control a large creature, and stop reading.

How bout them Packers? GO LIONS. (Been a Lions fan since mid-90's growing up.)

Let me know when you’re done with that “growing up” part.

In response to your comment, not butthurt at all, but if you’re going to make an effort to be a dick and troll me, you should be prepared for an appropriate response.

Hey Matt! I hope you had a great trip. I'm looking at Dissipate and am wondering why it has the phrase "If that spell is countered this way..."? I can't think of a situation where that phrasing would matter. Why not say "Counter target spell and then exile it..."?

The spell might be uncounterable.

Why is your multiverse ID your full last name, when others have to settle for initials or 3 letters from theirs?

Why do I get what I want while others settle? A question for the ages.

My last name is short enough that it works, and MT and Matt were both taken when I got to R&D by Turian and Place.

Is there any plan to errata cards like Reconnaissance to work as intended?

You should read the last two Update Bulletins. I tried. Didn’t make anyone happy.

Why doesn't Belligerent Hatchling (and other similarly templated creatures) just say "Whenever you cast a X or Y spell, [effect]"?

So you get both triggers by casting a spell of both colors.

For sorcery speed abilities, why not say they can only be used during your main phases? Just curious.

Development often doesn’t want you to be able to respond to things with such abilities. I proposed this several years ago but it didn’t pass.

Loved the Khans of Tarkir Update Bulletin. Commanderly speaking, shouldn't Phyrexian Splicer use the "second target creature" template just given to Leech Bonder? As it is, I'm not sure sure if the splicer can be the second target due to that double meaning of "another" you pointed out.

I think the added context of Phyrexian Splicer makes it clear. But maybe…