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Packers Beat the Bears. Everyone Goes Nuts. - YouTube

In honor of the Khans of Tarkir art shown yesterday showing a man punching out a bear, I present to you one of my favorite recent videos of Bears getting punched.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 Launch Party at Microsoft

Thanks to Microsoft for letting us come celebrate the launch of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 last Thursday. On what was otherwise not an extraordinarily cheery day there, it was cool to be able to bring a little bit of fun. I had fun playing Magic against a few of you. Special thanks to those few who offered kind words about my blog. I appreciate it.

Jul 8

The Maze of Games- An Interactive Puzzle Novel by Mike Selinker

Some friends of mine made an amazing puzzle novel thing. I got my copy tonight and recommend it highly.

Jul 4


I enjoyed Mark’s tumblr more before it turned into my tumblr. *headdesk*

Tony Pagliocco | Medical Fund for Mariah

Mariah is an awesome part of the Magic community, and she and her family could use some help. Spread the word.

Meet Mellow, the robotic sous-chef for food lovers

Want to cook awesome food, every day? Check out Mellow:

Why am I advertising kitchen appliances instead of answering Conspiracy questions? Good question.

This may look like spam, but it’s not. I honestly bought one of these because it looked awesome. They give you a referral link to use on others. A cheap marketing tactic, sure, but if one of you clicks on it and also buys it, I get $20 off mine. You get a sweet sous-vide cooker and your own link to use on people.

Check it out. Don’t check it out. It’s cool either way. And Conspiracy is just over two weeks away!

A Video Conspiracy

Graham & his team did an amazing job editing a day’s worth of footage into this awesome video.

Should I Push It? Push It Good?


Love Letters,, 16 April 2014:

Hi Meredith, I’m a consultant who travels for work and I live in Boston. In September I met a guy while working as a contractor at his company in Texas. At first it was completely professional, but as we worked together it became obvious that we shared…

Sometimes I have conversations at work that are like this.

Why does Godhunter Octopus say “enchantment” then “enchanted permanent” while Feast of Dreams has the opposite ordering of “enchanted creature” then “enchantment creature”?

Because each card reads better the way they are.

You designed Godhunter Octopus, but it can't really hunt gods very well, between indestructible and most of them being power 5 or greater.

Well spotted. Also, I didn’t name it. That came much later.

What cards from JOU can you claim as truely yours in design?

Team lead Ethan Fleischer reminds me that the following cards are at least mostly mine:

Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
Godhunter Octopus
Sage of Hours
Agent of Erebos

Just an FYI, but Trick Jarrett said on reddit that Gatherer will be updated on Tuesday.

No… F*Y*I.

Will the release notes be up before or at the same time JOU gets uploaded to gatherer? I really enjoy reading through them every set.

They both should be this week but I don’t know specifics. Likely Thursday for Gatherer.

Does Battlefield Thaumaturge reduce the cost of essence scatter?

No. Essence Scatter doesn’t target a creature. It targets a creature spell.

Why can't combat work based on "n"? Like a creature with double strike n =2 and creatures with the largest n number continue to deal damage until n =n. N steps -1 each time damage is dealt.

Intuitive and flavorful? Keep in mind people have a hard time with double strike.