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what's the best way for someone on Design to get you to bend the rules for one of the cute babies they designed?

The baby lives or the baby dies. That’s on the baby, not me. I just swing the sword.

What constitutes a "type" of mana? Is it just the five colors + colorless, or would mana from something like Mishra's Workshop or Boseiju Who Shelters All be a "type" because of the additional restriction/bonus tied to the mana?

Type = 5 colors + colorless. There’s a rule that says this.

Are there any things which the previous rules manager did not allow but which you are okay with?

If so, I view it as a sign of weakness that should be purged.

Beating a dead horse here, but I think I might have a genuinely new idea on the topic of triple strike/last strike. Could the rules be modelled after the new land drop rules? A creature has N strikes and the game keeps creating combat damage steps until they're all used up. If a creature has double strike, deals damage, then loses double strike then they have 1 strike and have used 1 strike therefore no damage. Just like the land drops rule!

The dead horse would appreciate all the fancy medicine you brought, but unfortunately it’s dead.

About preview cards for upcoming mechanics in core sets, wasn't Oath of the Ancient Wood constellation in M14? Not that we knew it at the time, of course.

Interesting, that.

Are there any cards that you had specific influence in designing for the theros block?

Yes. I was on the Journey design team and I help shape at least a few cards in each set (granted, mostly by killing designs that don’t work).

Would you ever consider doing preview cards in a core set for the next block? Like say how Odric almost had battalion and then reprint it in the expert set with a keyword.

Not my call.

Was a version of the devotion non permanents ever considered to count its own mana cost?

No. Too confusing. Devotion means the same thing every time.

Was rebound ever considered in Journey? It seems like it could have worked well with Heroic without the repetitive gameplay of buyback. I ask as you were on the design team.

Not that I remember.

How does dictate of karametra and heartbeat of spring work with colorless mana produced by land? I looked at gatherer and used Google...

The training is working. ;-P

You get three colorless mana. Colorless is a type of mana.

Which did you prefer: the Red Wedding or the Purple Wedding?

Red. Purple was enjoyable, but Red was so visceral.

"Can't be blocked" just means "other creatures can't be declared as blockers during the declare blockers phase", correct? If there was a card that put a creature into play blocking it (or assigned someone as a blocker) that would still (unintuitively) work?


Matt answers about 80 questions all at once!

The Journey into Nyx Release Notes are coming soon. Hooray!

Why does Godhunter Octopus specify "enchantment or enchanted permanent?" Wouldn't they control an enchantment if they had an enchanted permanent? Redundancy or easier to grok?


is there any reason why cyber scamp forces the controller to search and shuffle their library even if all 3 are in play already?

That’s the standard template for searches. “You may search” is an unnecessary decision point that can baffle the inexperienced.