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So who is your editor?

It rotates among members of the editing team.

Also, do you realize that there is a semantic difference? The original wording kind of implies that (a) is a "can" situation but (b) is a "does" situation. Like, Lightning Bolt "can" target a player (it can also target a creature) but Counterspell "does" target a spell. Or that was what I thought... until I remembered Venser, Shaper Savant.

These are some antics, I tell you!

"114.2 Only ... unless a spell or ability (a) specifies that it can target ..., (b) targets..., or (c) targets ...". Why not change that to "... specifies that it can target (a) ..., (b) ..., or (c) ..."?

Mostly because I have very little reason to go back and copyedit rules that predate me. If my editor wants to review the whole document and tweak, she’s more than welcome to. :)

I'm building EDH decks of all ten Ravnica guilds, strictly adhering to watermarked cards. The generals are as follows: W/U: IV, W/R: Tajic, U/B: Lazav, B/G: Varolz, R/G: Ulasht, U/R: T&L, W/B: Obzedat, B/R: Exava, W/G: Trostani, U/G: Momir.Which deck do you think will be the strongest?

Time to vote readers. Ties go to my vote: Ulasht. HATE SEED.

In light of the issues with rule 101.1, could you just print a card with "This card overrides all rules, even those that cannot be overridden?" Seems like a reasonable uncommon to me.

But then I have to make a rule that can’t be overridden by cards that say they override rules that can’t be overridden and before you know it I have a Cold War on my hands.

Re: "any time you could cast a sorcery" stuff. Clearly, the best option is to change it to "any time an opponent could cast a sorcery" and make it operate as players expect. This prevents a lot of combo BS, and adds a slight downside to Hypersonic Dragon-type effects. Clearly the best option, logically. Clearly.


As long as we are talking about Oozes wearing boots, I think the bigger question is how does Jar of Eyeballs get counters from creatures with no eyes? Why do we get two counters from a cyclops? And why do we not get a lot more from something like Renegade Krasis?

I once had an Ox equipped with three swords. What the hell, Wizards?

I have a question bugging me. How does Quicken work with abilities that can only be activated any time you could cast a sorcery, such as the ability on Ooze Garden, or Equipping? Would the same apply for Hypersonic Dragon? I ask that because the wording says "any time you could play a sorcery", not "any time you could NORMALLY play a sorcery". I know that Quicken works with Suspend, but I don't know if the same logic applies (since Suspend is a special action,not a ability)

None of those things are actually casting a sorcery, so Quicken has no effect on them. Also note the word “normally” is completely meaningless. I can normally cast a sorcery only when one is in my hand, when I’m not tapped out. Besides, you can normally cast a sorcery after resolving Quicken too.

Re: Cards referencing Static Abilities. There are a lot of such cards in Magic - they just reference specific static abilities. Plummet is a good example.

The original question was referring to non-keywords.

Gonna go tell my internet friends that the rules manager of Magic has issued us a challenge and that we should get at him for saying "Gonna go tell my friends that someone who follows the rules manager on tumblr has said “Gonna go tell my Magic friends that the rules manager has said ‘It’s important that the “rules” are fluid and vague so a heel can break them in a variety of ways.’” Your move."

I think you lost me at “internet friends.”

So, if wrestling rules influence cards, dies that mean that Fight cards can do basically anything as long as a judge isn't present?

Blatant Low Blow
Blatant Low Blow deals 6 damage to target creature or player. Flip a coin. If you lose the flip, you lose the game.
"What a maneuver!"

"To me, it’s Oozes wearing boots." Oozes just like to look nice for when they absorb people via phagocytosis. Give them a break.

Pretty sure you made that word up, but your point is well taken. Sorry to all the oozes I may have offended.

I'd like to point out that Diligent Farmhand exists for the person who asked about cards with multiple names.

And that other one!

I notice there aren't a lot of cards (none) that reference static abilities as opposed to triggered and activated abilities. Do static abilities not play nice with the rules or something?

They play just fine with the rules. As they don’t use the stack, there’s just been little reason to reference them. 

Rule 101.1 says that its only exception is that a card can't override 104.3a. But it doesn't say that a card can't override rule 101.1 itself. Could you print a card that first overrides the last sentence of 101.1 and then prevents players from conceding the game?

We could print that card in the same way that we could all go skinny dipping in a swimming pool filled with lime Jell-O.