Snarkham Asylum

Sep 1

Clarification question here. Was playing EDH with my sons yesterday. Son A has The Mimeoplasm in play with 11 +1/+1 counters. Son B has a Great Oyster that he taps and targets the The Mimeoplasm. Two turns go by that puts the The Mimeoplasm at 9 +1/+1 counters. Son B destroys the Great Oyster. I think since there are no -1/-1 counters to remove, the The Mimeoplasm remains having 9 +1/+1. Both boys thought it would return to having 11 +1/+1. Who is correct?

It stays at 9. Nothing says to add the counters back on. Once they’re “eaten,” they’re gone.

Sep 1

It was the perfect chance! Why was your article not named "MeKHANics of Tarkir"??

I promise if you need more Khans puns in your life, Mark’s articles are here for you.

Sep 1

If my opponent beats me with a morph creature face down on the field, and then collects his cards never revealing the face down creature, is this where I call a judge and what is the ruling? Both for Competitive and Regular REL.

At Comp+ it’s a game loss. At Regular it’s a “reveal what card it was and don’t forget to do that next time.”

Sep 1

Regarding Ugin's Nexus, how come it's a replacement effect rather than a static ability like "Players can't take extra turns"? The latter seems easier to understand.

The latter leads to more confusion regarding when extra turns are created vs. when they begin. This matters if you want to get rid of the Nexus after such a turn is created but before you get there, which may be a good way to use that card. :)

Sep 1

" You can activate an outlast ability during your main phase if the stack is empty—otherwise known as any time you could cast a sorcery. " You forgot about priority! I expect all youngsters be like 'pass priority, activate my outlast nya nya nya' at me now. What gives?

Um… what?

Did you consider that new players might think that face down creatures share the name "morph" because of the tokens?

Yes, but it wasn’t considered a serious issue. On the off chance someone has more than one face down creature, they’re using overlays, something cares about names, they don’t know the rule, they didn’t read the FAQ, no one is around to help, and the person doesn’t look it up… well, they’ll probably still have fun playing. I think it’ll be okay.

Have you ever taken a first stab at a template and then realized what you wrote couldn't be considered any language you knew?

This happens a lot. See Conspiracy. Some of those templates were a lot worse originally. (And on a few, even though the final template was necessary and the cards are sweet, they’re a bit baffling.)

In your article, it says that when a morph creature is returned to my hand from play, I must reveal it to my opponent. This seems counter-intuitive to me. My hand is not a public zone. Can you please explain this rule?

Any time a face-down creature goes anywhere, you have to reveal it to all players. You must also do this when you leave the game. This is mostly a security feature, to make sure the face-down creature was cast legally.

In the new modal template, how was the decision made to introduce the list with an em-dash instead of a colon? Is this a Chicago Manual of style thing?

Colons indicate activated abilities.

Is the new modal template on Sultai Charm useable for two mode spells? Eg could Naturalize with the new template?

Naturalize isn’t a modal spell. It just has an expansive targeting requirement. Only modal spells and abilities get the bullets.

I know we're allowed to use our own custom tokens at sanctioned events, so are we allowed to use our own custom Morph reminder cards?

Sure, with all the usual provisions about tournament appropriateness.

Opponent controls Archetype of Courage, I resolve Aerial Maneuver on one of my creatures. Intuitively I would think it gets +1/+1 and flying but not first strike, where 613.5 would suggest that it's all one effect (which isn't created due to 112.11).

Each continuous effect is separate. It works like you’d think.


Um… what?

How necessary is it to clarify on Raid "if you attacked with a creature" as opposed to just saying "if you attacked"?

Probably not overly necessary, but we’ve used that template before with success.

So you have to tap to use the outlast ability? You can't use it more than once a turn?

Normally once, but maybe you have a way to untap it.