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Are there any people on the templating team with a programming background? A lot of oracle text is a lot like code.

20 GOTO 10

Yay, Radio Shack Tandy computers.

I don’t have much of a programming background outside of a few college classes.

RE: "What modern frame expert expansion set required the most comp rules rewriting?" Was the introduction of planes walkers in Lorwyn not the largest change?

It was a sizable change, but I’m biased toward work I had to do. :)

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Yeah, let’s not go there.

Regenerating a planeswalker (such as through "Reknit") is only relevant for "destroy" effects right? It doesn't do anything for lethal damage?

I read your example card as Rek’n It, like something Ralph would do. Planeswalkers don’t have damage marked on them, and they can’t be dealt lethal damage. But regeneration doesn’t interact with loyalty counters in any meaningful way. It won’t help a planeswalker being dealt damage.

Why wasn't All Hallow's Eve erratted to have suspend?

Many reasons. The final effect doesn’t include you casting the spell. It uses scream counters, not time counters. Suspend is a block-specific keyword.

Sorry for my ignorance, but to be the rules manager, did you previously have to be an L5 judge?

No. I was L3 when I stopped judging. The rules manager before me, Mark Gottlieb, wasn’t a judge at all.

Was consideration given to the fact the templating of strive makes it sound like it changes the CMC, rather than being an additional cost? Spells with kicker make it clear that the cost is additional, but nothing on strive cards imply I need to pay extra for cards exiled by Narset (except how broken that would be).

The word “more” isn’t doing it for you here, huh? Alas.

"What modern frame expert expansion set required the most comp rules rewriting?" "My instinct here is Innstrad [sic]." My instinct is Time Spiral block, particularly Future Sight.

Didn’t that set just take a bunch of old mechanics that already worked and smash them together? What rules writing?

What modern frame expert expansion set required the most comp rules rewriting?

My instinct here is Innistrad.

The triple faced card video was interesting. Is there any possibility that it could happen in Magic with the caveat that you can't put it in your deck directly and instead use one of the checklist cards to cast it? Or is it just a bit too crazy to work within the rules as they are now (not even taking into account the logistics problems you would probably have)?

There’s no realistic chance this would happen. While the construction of the card is quality, it’s very clear there’s a thickness difference. You’d pick these out of a booster pack easily. (I think the card I showed off appears in a fixed-deck product. Or it might be a promo.) We explored a similar mechanic with DFCs: card A fetched wacky double-faced card B from outside the game. We weren’t happy with the logistics. DFCs, while not having a zero amount of logistical challenge, were the best answer.

Lately the Blogatog have a lot of discussion about "Last Strike", what do you think about it?

I think not every gimmick is worth the hassle and one falls way short.

Duel Masters Triple-Faced Cards

Comparing Gary, Merchant of Asphodel's template to Siege Rhino's, are both ways to template drain effects equally likely in the future, or is the one that doesn't scale up the lifegain with more opponents more likely?

I’d say the ones that don’t scale are more likely, but you’re likely to see both.

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Still early. Not up 70 yet.

If hexproof only works while on the battlefield and there are ways to give hexproof to players does that mean that players are considered to be on the battlefield or that the former rule only applies to cards and objects suchs as tokens or emblems?

Context. Not just for breakfast anymore. :)